Individual Managed Accounts
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Individually Managed Portfolios

After 24 years in advising private investors on how to manage their own share portfolios, Securities Research introduced a new service in January 2005: Individually managing portfolios for other investors.

Most investors continue manage their own stockmarket investments with the help of our "Market Analysis" and "International Investor" newsletters but some asked us to manage everything for them with an "Individually Managed Portfolio".  Other advantages of this service are that (1) you don't have to compete with other newsletter subscribers to buy and sell published recommendations and (2) we can invest part of your portfolio in attractive smaller company growth shares which are too inactively traded to be suitable for recommendation in our newsletter owing to its wider range of investors.

All shares and funds will be held in your name in your account with your existing stockbroker but we will be able to make trades to manage these investments on your behalf.  Dividends will be paid to your bank account.  
No two portfolios will be the same.  Your portfolio will be uniquely designed to meet your individual needs after consulting with you to determine your current financial position, plus your current and future needs and goals.  We can take over the full management of your portfolio - providing you with quarterly reports and an annual summary for tax. 
You can add or withdraw funds at any time, or terminate the management agreement without notice (subject only to an early repayment penalty as we invest for the long term).    

Our Fee Structure
We aim for long term capital appreciation and have been very successful at building investment wealth in the stockmarket.  Our fee for managing your investments involves two  parts: 
1. An annual fee of 1.0% (on funds up to $500,000 and just 0.7% on the balance above that). 
2. A performance fee equal to 10% of net profits (i.e. above the "high water mark" valuation).  

Your initial investment should be at least $200,000.  We believe shares are a long term investment and we invest to maximise your long term gains.  You should therefore aim to leave money with us for five years or longer
Indicative Returns
We cannot guarantee future performance.  The performance of individual portfolios will also vary depending upon your exposure to risk and/or your need for income or capital growth.  As an indication, however, the Recommended Portfolio in "Market Analysis" recorded the following gains: +14.9% in 2016, +29.5% in 2015, -9.8% in 2014, +21.5% in 2013, +24.2% in 2012, -6.5% in 2011, +4.2% in 2010, +49.4% in 2009, -32.0% in 2008, +11.4% in 2007, +33.3% in 2006, +3.8% in 2005, +36.7% in 2004, +38.0% in 2003, +9.2% in 2002, +25.8% in 2001, +18.3% in 2000, +44.1% in 1999 and +20.8% in 1998.  
Your Next Step
If you believe our "Individual Managed Portfolio" service could be for you, please contact us by email at to discuss your situation and how we may be able to help.  Ideally we would prefer that you have been a subscriber to our newsletter(s) for many years and are familiar with our investment methods and techniques.

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