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Subscribers Comments
"Hi James.  Thank you so much for the comprehensive and very prompt reply to my email.  Pity more businesses don't take a leaf from your book and supply real service as you do."  M.S. (May 2013)

"Happy Days!!  Thanks for making the rest of my life more relaxed!
I started investing in 1996 with nothing and as of this week (helped by Vision Systems) I now have a seven-figure portfolio!  Not bad for 10 years, including 3-4 lean years where there was minimal additional money introduced."  - C.K. October 2006.  (Founders' Note:  And the FIRST million really is the hardest one - everything gets easier from there.) 

"My entry into the sharemarket took place a few years ago.  The first while was marked by some heady wins, but equally stunning losses.  Then a friend introduced me to your guidance - and we had your Campbell Brothers spearheading a cohort of successes.  Vision Systems is the latest sporting example!  So, a big thank you for all your hard work and excellent advice." - P.V.A. (Dunedin), October 2006.

"I have been getting Market Analysis since issue number 8 (July 1981).  Thank you for all you have done for us." - D.M. (Paraparaumu), October 2006.

"Just a quick note to say that I think you do an amazing job and all the best with your relocation." - P.R. (Auckland), March 2006.

"Congratulations James, on the 25th Birthday of 'Your Baby'. We have greatly appreciated your expertise and advice over the years through 'Market Analysis' and are pleased to see that we shall still enjoy our monthly injection of investor wisdom, even as you bask under the shade of your friendly palm tree!   All the best for the future to you and your family. You deserve your success!" - E.H.E. (Titirangi), March 2006. 

"Thanks for everything. We have got quite a bit of excitement around here about your service. You may well get at least three new subscriptions in the next few weeks. I am very careful to point out that investing is a very personal issue and that there are no guarantees.....but we like your style and we have done well so far with your advice." - D.T. (Wellington), December 2005.

"I cannot thank you enough for your thoughtful and informative analysis of companies.  I believe I get good value." - J.W. (Cormandel), October 2005

"Thanks for the picks as I have done very well from Austral/Centennial over the years, not to mention Toll.  I do enjoy seeing how its all going.  I had to cash up a bit to pay for a magnificent new house and perhaps need to re-allocate funds as you suggest." - P.G. (Levin), July 2005.  

"I must say your average annual return is spectacular - on a par with Warren Buffett!  I'm surprised your newsletter isn't more widely known." - J.H.B. (Auckland), July 2005.

"Enclosed my annual subscription for yet another year - almost a decade now - of receiving your advice.  I hope you receive some feedback from your clients and with it their thanks, for if they've followed your advice they have good reason to do so.  I certainly owe you thanks and will continue to appreciate your advice over the coming years."  J.H. (Dunedin), June 2005.

"Your newsletter is a very good tool for newcomers to learn from and gain experience." - D.M. (Christchurch), January 2005.

"I would also like to express thanks for your investment services, and indeed my admiration for the integrity and breadth of your analysis. Such information helps investors to bring greater objectivity to their decisions, and on the way promotes increased interest and involvement with market determinants. Certainly, this describers the kind of benefit I have personly derived from Market Analysis." - R.B.Y. (Wellington), October 2004

"Many thanks again . . . you sure are making a difference in THIS household!" - R.R. (Nelson), October 2004.

"I am estactic with the reports and am already up over $15,000 in less than a year thanks to your advice. Awesome." - A.B. (Upper Coomera, QLD, Australia), October 2004

"Thanks very much for producing this.  I particularly liked the comment "but once we have helped you make your first couple of million".  In other publications that would have been humour!! - H.G. (NZ), September 2004.

"How splendidly typical of your service that you would take time to hunt out these brokers for us.   Thanks so much." - R.R. (Nelson), September 2004.

"Keep up the great work: Market Analysis is eagerly awaited in our household each month. I only wish I had found out about your great publication a few years ago." - G.W. (Wellington), September 2004.

"I don't want to ever deal again with 'advice' from an ordinary broker - we have done really well for the past 6 years since we started making our own decisions, helped in no small way by Market Analysis." - G.K. (Tauranga), September 2004.

"Hi James, I would like to thank you on the outstounding research your company has achieved. Because of your recommendations etc I have been able to recoup my subscription costs back 7 times! Thanks very much, I'm certainly happy with the performance. A well worthwhile investment." - S.M. (Christchurch), August 2004. 

"Our Investments on your advice continue going from strength to strength" - B.B. (Hamilton), March 2004. (Editor's Note. Building on the gains to March 2002).

"Really enjoying the issues so far." - P.C. (Tamarama, Australia), March 2004.

"I've been a subscriber for about 10 years but forgot to renew before Christmas. I can't do it without you." - L.I. (Geraldine), March 2004.

"I would also like to take this opportunity to say what an excellent newsletter the Market Analysis is and how informative your website is. Although I have only been a subscriber for a short time I have learnt a vast amount while using your recommendations to make some good profits." - M.M. (Auckland), March 2004.

"I have been a subscriber now for over three years. Without a doubt your approach to stock selection has helped me to be a vastly more disciplined and better investor, with the returns to match!" - J.C.G. (Wellington), March 2004.

"I do appreciate your newsletters (Market Analysis and International Investor). I wish that I could find a newsletter as good as yours for the USA, Canada, and United Kingdom markets." - G.H. (Auckland), January 2003.

"I've had a play and think the on line facility [Online Share Selection] is absolutely wonderful and will use it a lot.
Your assorted investment material is so good that anyone who has access to it has the recipe for wealth. I've gone from a lowish income and net debt to a don't have to work and high net wealth situation all through the sharemarket. Have passed on success tips to others but few have the discipline to follow things through. Some people seem fatalistic and think they can never be wealthy. Are you surprised that more people don't follow the methods you espouse after such a long time with the newsletter and such an excellent track record?" - G.J. (Dannevirke), January 2003.

"I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for a long time now, probably over 10 years. A very worthwhile subscription it has been too, I might add. My compliments to you on your business, you can count me as one very satisfied customer. I look forward to many more years of the association. Please do not pull away from the newsletter and service side to your business. I am sure the attraction of just doing your own thing must be really strong at times." - E.M. (Rotorua), January 2003.

"The new interactive site is great." - P.J. (Wellington), January 2003.

"As I am still in the UK, I have renewed for two years to both Market Analysis and International Investor via the internet.
Many thanks for the helpful advice you give month by month. Some of the choices are suffering a bit at present, but certainly not as much as by following the index! And overall your recommendations are first class. I hope some of the friends I have told about your publications have accepted my advice!!" - P.W. (United Kingdom), December 2002.
(Editor's Note: Thanks for telling your friend's about the newsletters - referrals from satisfied investors are the major source of new subscribers.)

"I enjoy your newsletter tremendously, having decided to subscribe to it after checking it against the others. Market Analysis comes out ahead in terms of transparency, comprehensiveness and consistency. Please keep up the good work." - B.U. (Wellington), November 2002. 

"James, I don't know whether you get feedback on the changes to Market Analysis but I believe the ones you have made recently are excellent. I particularly like the expanded insider buys page and the short briefing you give on up and coming companies is also very useful.
I personally think Market Analysis is exceptional value." - A.H. (Coomera Shores, Australia), November 2002

"Thanks. I find your publication fantastic. I've had a terrible year with my own picks and am thankful for your wisdom and experience." - J.K. (Paraparaumu), November 2002.

"Many thanks for reviewing my portfolio.  Your comments are very valuable.  I had some ideas but they needed to be crystallised into a plan which you have provided." - P.A. (Banks Pensinsula), November 2002.

"I subscribed to Market Analysis earlier this year and commend you on an excellent publication - full of unbiased information." - M.S. (Auckland), November 2002.

"Back in February you advised me about investing $100,000.  I have followed your instructions on a small scale, in so much as I have invested approximately $2,500 per month since then in New Zealand and in Australia.  I am delighted with my returns to date." - S.K. (Masterton), October 2002.

"Thanks again for your great publication, without which I would probably long ago have given up on sharemarket investing as too difficult." - L.D. (Wellington), October 2002.

"I have just renewed for another two years. Last year (to March 2002) made 43% on Australian and 41% on NZ shareholdings, much of which were your recommendations and reviews. Thanks." - G.A. (Papakura), August 2002.

"James, please renew my Market Analysis subscription for another two years.
Congratulations on a consistently outstanding product.
Its been an unbelievably good investment for me! Keep it up!" - Dr R. S. (Hamilton), August 2002.

"James, you may be interested in our investment results for the last financial year from following your advice. To your credit, my Accountants (a major National firm) say these results are the best by a wide margin of any of their client base.
It goes without saying James that you have a very happy and contented client." - B.B. (Hamilton), August 2002.
(Editor's Note: This diversified portfolio - with shareholdings in 27 Australian and NZ companies - rose 45.7% in the year to 31 March 2002.)

"Keep up the excellent advice.  I've had a great run out of my Australian shares. Regards and thanks again." - W.S. (Waikanae), August 2002.

"I've been subscribing to your mag for a year or so now and am impressed." D.H. (Auckland), August 2002.

"The only mail I look forward to!!" - P.F. (Motueka), June 2002

"Thanks for a great publication, I find it extremely helpful." - M.B. (Cairns, Australia), May 2002.

"We have most of our funds with a Financial Adviser who spread over several international and Australian managed funds. To date the portfolio has a 3% overall loss, while the shares I have purchased on your recommendation have appreciated. We have taken the decision to operate a self managed Super Fund. I would like to include most of the Australian Shares you currently recommend. Thank you again, James - 'Market Analysis' has been really worthwhile for me." - L.F. (Canberra, Australia), March 2002.

"I am an avid reader of your magazine and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your advices over the last few years. I enjoy receiving your magazine and hope to for a long time to come." C.R. (Palmerston North), March 2002

"You caution about overconfidence in a 30% return. With my overweight position is AUO and my UK portfolio starting to lift nicely, I made NZ$ 25,000 in the last 2 weeks. I have confidence your 21 year average of 30% return can be maintained! Just keep finding those JNA's, ERG's, FLT's, TOL's, AUO's and hopefully ATP's - I am delighted to pay only $200pa for the privilege of this information." - A.U. (Christchurch), March 2002. (Editor's Note: Even with a 20 year track record, investors DO need to be cautious about assuming that historical returns will be maintained in the future.)

"We have been subscribing for 7 months and are astounded by our progress.  If nothing else it makes us save more so we don't miss out on these "opportunities". Many thanks." - N M (Paraparaumu Beach), March 2002

"Since changing to your guidance many years ago, I have finally made share investing work. I've found the worst people to advise me are sharebrokers, and popular opinion is definitely no good!" - B.P. (Nelson)

"Thanks for all of your work, I'd be lost without it or at least the way would be considerably dimmer." - J.B. (Wellington)

"May I say just what excellent research you do, and to say thank you for the many thousands of dollars we have enjoyed collecting from our brokers, enabling us to spend six months of the winter in our house in Noosa each year". - P.J. (Picton)

"Just a note to say how much I appreciate your magazines. My return on investment has improved significantly since I became a subscribe.  The computer listings of undervalued , best performing , and income yields are a minefield of information." - C.V. (Hamilton)

"Thanks alot and keep up the good work." - F.C. (Kensington, Australia)

"I selected your advice because it is the best down under. I have surveyed the opposition in OZ and it does not measure up." - B.D. (Warkworth)

"I certainly am delighted that I casually picked up your 'flier' in the lunch room at work almost 5 years ago advertising  your magazines and decided following your advice was the only possibility I had to turn my megre savings into something respectable in a relatively short time. Thank you very much for your very sound advice, by which I have turned about $55,000 initially plus about $60,000 saved over 4.74 years into $252,000 or about 25% per year (actually higher, as 25% average applies equally to $1000 invested 4.71 years ago as well as the $1000 I saved last month)." - A.U. (Christchurch)

"Just a note to say how much we enjoy reading your monthly newsletter .  It is a great source of information and gives us valuable insight when choosing shares. We have referred two people over your website.   Keep up the good work." - P.D. & J.D. (Auckland)

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