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Recommended Internet Stockbrokers in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States
(Stockbroker sites are also very useful to access company announcements, share charts, quotes and other information)

ASB Securities offers an Internet, Telephone and Advisory stockbroking service.  The internet service charges 0.3% with a minimum of NZ$30.
The Australia fee is 0.3% with a minimum of A$30.
Direct Broking offers a low cost "Cash Rate" (i.e. paid from a cash management account) of 0.2%, with a minimum of NZ$29.90.
For Australia the rate is A$29.00 on the first A$30,000 plus a high 0.3% on the balance over A$30,000.  That doesn't make any sense!  One A$60,000 trade would cost A$119 but if you split that into two A$30,000 trades then the cost is just A$58.
FasTrade is the Internet service of UK broker, Torrie & Co. The brokerage rate is just 0.5%, with a minimum of just 15 and a maximum of 30 (on trades worth up to 40,000).
There are accounts fees of 20/year or 0.04%/year on portfolios worth over 200,000 (i.e. 80 on a 200,000 account).
FasTrade offers the easiest way to buy and sell UK Unit Trusts, but are a little expensive. The initial commission - usually 3% - is fully rebated, but they charge 55-70 buying and another 55-70 to later sell.
E*Trade is not the cheapest US broker (US$19.95 for "limit" orders, US$14.95 for "market" orders), but they offer a full range of services (i.e. options, company new, profiles, charts) and a very high quality service.
Brown is another US Internet broker charging just US$5.00 for "at market" orders and US$10.00 for "limit" orders, plus charging a low "margin" interest rate and offering "real time" quotes. But you need US$15,000 plus 5 years experience and an Income over US$40,000 to open an account
Wang charges just US$5.00 for "at market" orders and US$8.00 for "limit" orders (but "margin" interest rates are 1-3% higher than at Brown & Co).

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