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Australian All Ordinaries shares

Share Selection Methods used in MARKET ANALYSIS (pdf version)

Best Stockmarket Books for Investors:

"One Up on Wall Street" by Peter Lynch
"Super Stocks" by Kenneth L Fisher (Out of print but will possibly be re-printed.)
"Stock Market Logic" by Norman G Fosback (unfortunately this book is now out of print)
"What Works on Wall Street" by James P O'Shaughnessy
"Stocks for the long Run" by Jeremy J Siegel
"Engines that Move Markets" by Alasdair Nairm

Listed Company Websites:

Australian Listed Company Websites (A-I,J-Z):
The most comprehensive list on the web!!

New Zealand Listed Company Websites

Recommended Internet Stockbrokers in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States
(Stockbroker sites are also very useful to access company announcements, share charts, quotes and other information)

Useful Internet Sites:

Bloomberg - Current stockmarket indices from around the world.
The Financial Times site contains a wealth of information, including daily UK unit trust prices and UK listed investment trust prices. Registration necessary but access is FREE.
Unfortunately, can be very slow at times (especially at weekends).
TrustNet provides prices and information on the world's Listed Investment Trusts and UK based Unit Trusts - FREE.
The London Stock Exchange provides portfolios, share quotes and company news.

On-line Black-Scholes Option and Warrant Pricing. Will calculate the value of Put or Call Options, UK Investment Trust Warrants or NZ listed warrants (but for NZ listed warrants, remember to divide the value by the number of "warrants" needed to buy one share).

This on-line Warrant Growth Calculator will calculate the final value of an option or a warrant (and the annual percentage gain), based upon the expected growth in the share price.

US Quotes & Charts
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US Dollar Exchange Rates against American currencies, European currencies, Asian Pacific currencies and African/Middle Eastern currencies.

International Investor's Currency Converter (find the current exchange rate between any two currencies).

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