"Happy Days!! Thanks for making the rest of my life more relaxed!
I started investing in 1996 with nothing and as of this week I now have
a seven-figure portfolio! Not bad for 10 years." - C.K. October 2006.
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Securities Research Company is a fiercely independent, private research organisation, founded in 1981 to build significant wealth through stockmarket investments. We have since built our portfolio 500-fold - that is better than 20% per annum compounded over a third of a century!  So called "experts" will tell you that can't be done (except once by Warren Buffett) . . so we went ahead and did it anyway!

You do the maths:  A 500-fold increase turns just $2000 into $1,000,000.  Or $20,000 into $10,000,000.  
Verify for yourself: Our FULL track record is on this website or access newsletter back issues since 1999.
We have helped other small investors build 6-figure and 7-figure (and some 8-figure) share portfolios by sharing our truly independent research, unbiased information and advice through two monthly newsletters, "Market Analysis" and "International Investor", and provide an interactive Online Share Selection database covering all Australian and New Zealand companies.  We also offer a small Individually Managed Portfolio service:

Market Analysis
monthly newsletter:

Information, advice and recommendations covering the Australian and New Zealand stockmarkets.

Subscribers can download the current issues of "Market Analysis".
Visitors can
download back issues or subscribe here.

Average Gain/Loss: +165.8% = +28.9% p.a.
Ave Holding Period: 5.4 yrs

Recent Gains
In 2001 (after 20 years) a newspaper sceptic wrote "At least part of your success probably is attributable to a long string of luck" and "the remarkable success of just one recommendation, NZ Refining" (which had been sold in 1996 for a 34-fold gain).

That "long string of good luck" has continued:  M2 Group merged with Vocus Communications and we sold for a 47-fold gain.
Michael Hill is now up 44-fold, Toll Holdings was sold for a 23-fold gain and ALS is up 14-fold.  Other "lucky" investments include: Technology One is up 13-fold, Village Roadshow up 8-fold, Centennial Coal 9½-fold plus Vision System and ERG both up 7-fold.  Flight Centre rose 6-fold, Radio Otago (bought and sold twice, for 5-fold gains each time), Computershare, Melbourne IT, Steel & Tube, Colonial Motors and RadioWorks all gained 5-fold in value. 
Check our FULL track record on this website! 
The longer and harder we work at stockmarket investment the "luckier" we get!

Recent Portfolio Returns:
One Year (2020):  +28.6% p.a.
Three Years (2018-2020): +13.6% (+4.5% p.a.)

International Investor
monthly newsletter:

Forecasts for 43 world stockmarkets, country reviews, investment fund analysis and investment recommendations.

Subscribers can download the current issues of "International Investor".
Visitors can
download back issues or subscribe here.

Average Gain/Loss: +105.1% = +13.6% p.a.
Ave Holding Period: 7.7 yrs

Recent Portfolio Returns:
One Year (2020):  +3.4% p.a.
Three Years (2018-2020): +8.8% (+2.9% p.a.)

Online Share Selection
online interactive database:

This database covers all Australian and New Zealand listed companies, including data for many valuable share selection techniques that are not available from any other source (e.g. Relative Price Strength ratings, Insider Buying and Selling over the last 52-weeks, Price/Sales ratios, Broker Neglect).
The program and online database provide:
(1) Weekly updates of several standard reports from the monthly "Market Analysis" newsletter, and
(2) User-friendly, fully interactive online share selection. Investors can select shares meeting any combination of the different criteria available, with results sorted by any of these criteria.
(3) Ten years of month-end historical data for the analysis and back-testing of share selection criteria.
Subscribers can access the latest data, while visitors can test this service with a fully functioning program but have access to only historical data (for December 2002).

Individually Managed Portfolio 

We believe that most people should manage their own investment portfolio, using the advice we provide through "Market Analysis" and "International Investor". Where that isn't possible, we offer an "Individually Managed Portfolio" service for a small number of clients.

We do not trade shares for short term gain.  Nor do we seek to match the performance of a share index and at times our performance will vary from the general market.

We invest in a diversified portfolio of shares which have the potential to yield above average returns over the medium to longer term.  Five years should be a minimum investment period for investors considering this service.

Subscribers' Comments
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Securities Research Company is fiercely independent and proudly uncensored 
by New Zealand's rogue securities regulator, the Financial Markets Authority.  More . . .

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